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A Holiday Reflection

The past couple of weekends have been busy with family affairs, planning for the next holiday gathering, and decorating some local businesses (pictures to come). We truly love this time of year because it always keeps us on our toes and busy as can be. Amidst all the planning and coordinating during the holidays we like […]

Autumn Wedding Weekend

First things first, this autumn weather has been amazing!  I know everyone is ready for their cozy sweaters and hot chocolate, but it has been absolutely perfect weather for our recent brides!  Also, I don’t think we say this enough, but we love our job. Even though prep work may take hours on out, the […]

Centerpieces Galore

Where to begin? When deciding on decor for an event or wedding it can become overwhelming and this is where we come in! There are so many outlets now on the internet that can assist you in creating ideas for your special day, but while you think those might be helpful they can also leave […]

Chestnut Hill Bed & Breakfast Wedding

David and Katrin Funk started a new chapter in life this past weekend and we were fortunate enough to be a part of it! The weather was absolutely wonderful!! Still warm but a taste of fall in the air! It was perfect weather to be outside with friends and loved ones! David and Katrin chose […]

A Wallace Wedding

Chris and Ashley Wallace stole our hearts! We had the pleasure of creating Ashley’s vision for her special day and we couldn’t have been more pleased with her reaction when she saw her dreams become a reality! All the hard work and long hours are completely worth it when everything comes together to create someone’s […]

Why The Floral Palette?

Because we LOVE flowers and we want to work with YOU! . . . . Here’s why you should HIRE US! We are a business that is 100 % committed to providing a true service in a prompt manner. We work hard to help you enhance and communicate your message and ideas THROUGH flowers. If […]

A Weekend of Weddings

What’s one of our favorite moments in a wedding? When we get to show the bride her flowers! When her face lights up to see that her vision has become a reality it’s a real special moment for us!  Our Weekend Was…. Extraordinary This past weekend we had the pleasure of working for two brides! […]

We’re in Print!

Virginia Bride Magazine  Summer/ Fall 2017 As some of you might already know from other posts, The Floral Palette is going to be in PRINT and we are so so excited!  Not too long ago we were fortunate enough to collaborate with some local vendors on a project themed Fiesta on the Farm! — How Saucy! […]

Kate & Dural’s Wedding Day

A Farm to Table Wedding Event The past week we were in preparation for Kate & Dural’s wedding which was an event that had everyone – vendors and guests alike in awe! During the week we had our fridges packed full for this southern style wedding with all the vegetables and flowers you could imagine. […]